The tasks in modern laboratories are varied and complex. With our extensive range of laboratory furnaces (from drying ovens up to tube furnaces), many applications can be realised, e.g:

  • Testing, analysing
  • Ashing
  • Drying
  • Preheating
  • Debinding
  • Vacuum application
  • Sintering
  • Annealing

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Laboratory Furnaces

Muffle and chamber furnaces

Working temperatures 1000 - 1800°C

Tube furnaces

Working temperatures 1100 - 1800°C

Elevator furnaces

Working temperatures 1400 - 1800°C

Drying ovens, high temperature drying ovens

Working temperatures 250 - 850°C



Fuel cell furnace

Furnace for testing and manufacturing fuel cells

Electrically heated chamber furnace up to 1100°C, individually tailored to customer requirements, with double-wing door and pressure ram for testing and small batch production of fuel cells.

A pneumatic pressure ram is mounted on the furnace ceiling, which acts with up to 500kg pressure on the fuel cells stacked in the furnace chamber.

Chamber furnace

Debinding/sintering furnace

Chamber furnace model KK 500/14 DB for combined debinding and sintering of complex components made of technical ceramics with controlled purge air preheating and catalytic exhaust gas cleaning.

The furnace system is prepared for installation in a clean room with separate positioning of the furnace components.

Rotary kiln

Rotary kiln 1600°C

This rotary kiln can be operated up to 1600°C under inert gas atmosphere. The ceramic tube has an inner diameter of 80mm and a total length of 1600mm. Despite the protective gas atmosphere, the input and output of the material to be fired can take place continuously via sluices. A connected vacuum pump serves to evacuate the entire system before the start of operation in order to be able to change the atmosphere.

8-zone gradient tube furnace up to 1800°C

8-zone gradient tube furnace up to 1800°C

This horizontal gradient furnace is designed with 8 zones, all zones are individually adjustable. This makes it possible to set constant temperature and gradients within the working tube.

Horizontal rotary kiln

Horizontal rotary kiln

Horizontal rotary kiln with drive, hinged design for easy exchange of the tube.
On request with underframe or trolley and inclination adjustable.

Calibration furnace

Calibration furnace up to 1700°C

This furnace is designed for high temperature calibration of thermocouples. Several thermocouples can be calibrated simultaneously. The heated length is divided into three separately controllable zones. All zones are controlled by a DC power supply. The furnace shell is water-cooled.

Tube furnace for pyrolysis

Tube furnace for pyrolysis

This special tube furnace for pyrolysis on a pilot scale consists of four working tubes. The heated length of 1.5 m is divided into three zones. The furnace can be operated up to 1250°C. Each ceramic working tube has an inner diameter of 110mm and a total length of 2.5m. A special system compensates for the thermal expansion of the ceramic tubes.

Special tube furnace - environmental analysis

Special tube furnace for environmental investigations

Horizontal tube furnace up to 1500°C. Four separately controllable zones, sample processing unit, sample rotation, temperature measurement near the sample, different atmospheres exiting near the sample. The furnace itself is not gas-tight.